Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Communities of practice: IMARK course building electronic communities and networks

From Nathaniel Heller I got the link to the new Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) which has a new module on building electronic communities and networks developed by CTA, APC and FAO. You can register and do the module for free at your own pace (total is 26 hours).

It looks very practical. I registered and did one question: Trupti needs help getting information and staying informed about a wide variety of issues related to her work in women's economic empowerment and bamboo. Which of the following things would be useful for her? (to be very honest I got very annoyed when I had the answer wrong for about 4 times.)

I actually think the self-tutorial mode of teaching goes against the principles of learning in a community of practice by, and I don't think it would work for me personally, I think it might work for other people. It's good that it's available online and you can also request a free CD-rom with the same tutorial.


Jane said...

I have just paid a quick visit to the site and found the material interesting. I have not,as yet, had time to visit the community areas. Did you access these?

Joitske said...

Hi Jane, I actually stopped at one module as I was tired of the system of one correct answer. But I might visit the resource section. The good thing is you can always go back to it!

Beth Kanter said...

Check out the author list! I think you know a few people ...:-)