Friday, August 25, 2006

Advising communities of practice: advising on the balancing act

Balance Through Dorine I found the Life 2.0 blog with this animation on balancing. And since I had wanted to try how posting to your blog from Youtube works, I tried it. And it's extremely easy. I hope I'm not violating any copyrights here... I liked the animation because in my advisory work, it always seems to come back to helping people to find the right balance between two extremes. Sometimes formulating the two extremes helps, to make people see and adjust their position.


juulferg said...

ouch, that is harsh! what i like about this film is also that it conveys the power of collaboration and sharing - and what happens if you don't. the box becomes useless if you want to keep it all to yourself... i will use it as a metaphor to encourage teamwork and knowledge sharing!

Joitske said...

nice picture, so that I can see the newborn baby!