Friday, March 07, 2008

Video to explain Twitter

There's a new short video by CommonCraft, this time explaining Twitter. Since we organized a twitter experiment I've continued twittering. I'm not doing it fulltime though and may forget about it for even a few days. But sometimes I think it's fun to see what people are doing, and sometimes I find interesting new meeting rooms like Seats2meet or new wiks that are of interest to me like the etoolkit wiki. It's an amazingly new type of communication that reminds me of overhearing short conversations in the train (something I like too). It also ressembles the short conversations with friends and family in which you pick up an idea for a movie to see or a book to read. But this time you can broaden it to a larger group. I notice that the kind of activities I report are influenced by what I read from others, but that's very diverse from people reporting every step to people reporting their mood, or only their blogposts/what they read online (almost like a surflog). I've never liked the name microblogging, because it is so radically different from blogging, it has nothing to do with writing short blogposts!

I met Elmine Wijnia yesterday for the first time and she said she preferred Jaiku. Later I thought it is hard to change from twitter to Jaiku because it's dependent on where the people you are following are. It's as if everyone is going to the same pub and you are going to another. But it might be nice to try with a new group.

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