Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How to make short videos with your mobile phone

Blogging questions and answers...I received a question some time ago about: Do you know of teaching materials about making short videos with your mobile phone?

The best resource I know of in terms of teaching material is Beth Kanter's wiki:
Video Blogging wiki

There is an instruction for a session of video blogging by Michael Szpakowski:
Video blogging for artists

Jennifer Proctor has developed teaching resources for university level:
Teaching resources for instructors

My own blogpost is specifically focusing on helping starters in video blogging to vlog a meeting or presentation:
How to vlog a meeting or presentation

And there is the yahoo group on video blogging led by Jay Dedman (I gave up on it because it has something like 50 messages per day!):
Videoblogging yahoo group . The group has a very good wiki on videoblogging

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