Thursday, October 27, 2005

I like blogging so far!!

It's such a funny experience to get comments on your blog.. (unfortunately I don't have a dog, otherwise the dogfeed comment would have been useful as well :-)). I blog for myself to order my thoughts in the writing process, but then sharing the URL and reading comments is exciting, especially when it triggers new thoughts! Makes me feel I want to reply to the comments, but that's hard (have to figure out the trackback) and puts some pressure to write 'smarter'; yesterday's post was finished in a hurry because I had to go. While blogging you do have some sort of audience in mind, because you have to make a decision about about the level of explanations you give.

Beth Kanter drew me into a discussion on interaction in blogs and I liked the definition of blogging communities:

Blogging communities are collections of individual blogs (potentially tens, hundreds, or thousands) tied together by a larger common value or theme. Conversations can occur on the individual blogs, between the blogs, on a common messageboard that binds the invidudal blogs together in a community, or across other blogs in the blogosphere.

( I must admit I haven't started reading other blogs regularly, maybe if you would, you would get some cross-pollination of ideas? But that really takes time...

Blogging has started to invade (or dictate ?) my life already: when I cycled yesterday, I was thinking on my post of today (thought it had to be practical example on CARE-International). And I started to classify my paper articles in the same way as my blogdivision. (practical examples, culture, technology, they used to be all over according to projects).

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Bill Williams said...

Funny thing about online contacts - we can all to easily imagine someone is male or female based on what we expect about names (well I certainly have been wrong-footed once or twice).

Anyway Joitske, seeing your photo
resolves that issue unequivically - in our first email contacts your name had led me to assume you were a man (sorry about that).