Friday, October 17, 2008

Traces of how ideas travel

What do I have in common with Mark Gould, Dawn Foster and Richard McDermott? I wouldn't know but we are all mentioned in this blogpost in an unknown language :). I found it through tracking the referring URL to my weblog. I think this what is exciting about the online interactions. In the offline world, there is no way of tracking who is using your words, ideas, or who is talking about you. Unless you get some feedback. But online, it is much easier to track down what kind of ideas or blogposts get referred to. When you work in face-to-face communities a lot of impact may happen without anybody noticing for instance, ideas may continue to be told to colleagues, publications shared, ways of working copied. For online communities it must be easier to do so? On the other hand, you can't track how it travels from the online into the real world. Anyone who know what kind of language this is?


josien kapma said...


Unknown said...

yes, it's modern hebrew.
google translate accepts is:
but still not very clear to me

Joitske said...

He Wouter bedankt, hierdoor heb ik wel een idee van waar het over gaat en vond de blogpost van Gould over expert directories and incentives (beiden onzin)