Monday, August 24, 2015

Day One for visual journalling

dayoneI went on holidays to Sicily with my family. Very hot (35 degrees) but very nice! I would like to go again during a period when it is less hot. Today back to work and that's always a weird day trying to get into the routines..

During the holidays I have used the app Day One to keep a diary. Very user-friendly, intuitive to use and attractive lay-out. A nice feature of this app is that you can receive a reminder and you can start your entries with a photo. It stimulated me throughout the day to think about a nice image which would capture the spirit of the day. It also encourages a quick daily update. I thought it was a shame you could not upload two photos per day, but I solved that by making two entries on one day. Other benefits from Day One that you can change the date, too, so if you've forgotten to journal, you can still do it the next day and change the date. Furthermore, you can create a PDF of your entries and it looks very nice. Here's my pdf if you want to see how that looks like.

The nice thing about this app is that you start to look out for images. Actually, that's also the charm of one photo per day. It acts as a reflection tool to ponder about the day - what stood out? Hence it would also be a nice tool to use for a team within a change process or learning trajectory. You could ask everybody to journal looking for specific changes. If you use it like this is comes close to the use of instagram in learning trajectories which I blogged about earlier. I think the difference is that instagram will make it more interactive because you share a picture with the group. With Day One you keep your own journal which at some point you might share and discuss but in the first place it is a personal reflection tool.