I work as independent consultant in the Netherlands. You may contact me via email ( if you are interested in discussing possible assignments.
Tailor-made advisory trajectories about networking or (online) communities. I work organisations who would like to start, grow or evaluate networks and communities. I believe in the power of self-directed learning processes by professionals, and learning from practice. I actually experienced the power of a supporting community of practice when I worked as a professional for SNV, the Dutch developement organisation in Ghana, Mali and Ethiopia. After that, I decided to specialize myself in the functioning of communities of practice and am now a member of CPsquare, a community about communities. Social media are important tools in my advisory practice because they make it possible to exchange rapidly and on a wider scale than face-to-face. Examples of assignments:
  1. Support during the design, start-up and implementation fases of networks and communities, like an exploratory research or the facilitation of a design session with a group of convenors. (klick herr for an example of work done in collaboration with learningalliances, or see the Forest Landscape Restoration Network
  2. Social network analysis within organisations or networks. 
  3. Evaluate and do action or practice research regarding communities, networks or knowledge management initiatives. See the evaluation of the knowledge project by Oxfam Novib.
  4. Provide tailor-made workshops and trainings (often online or with an online component about the use of social media with organisations or by learning professionals like trainers, teachers or facilitators. 
  5. Facilitate change/ learning trajectories within organisations to support informal learning or innovation processes whereby professional use of social media is pivotal. 
Furthermore I work together with Sibrenne Wagenaar in Ennuonline - 'Everything about learning with new media'.  Our website is There you will find more information about our activities like a learning trajectory, books, and 'in 40 days online'. Let me know if you'd be interested in an English online course- we might design one!

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