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In this shop windows some examples of my consultancies: Workshops 'sociale media for trainers and facilitators'. For organisations like NCDO, P3transfer and AgentschapNl I have facilitated workshops to introduce the new possibilities to facilitate online with social media. Participants will be introduced to the changing ways of communication through social media and will have the opportunity to explore a few new tools. They are translating face-to-face working methods to online. After this, they will design an online component or an online trajectory.

Evaluation of the  'Knowledge Infrastructure for Counterparts' programme in West Afrika and the Horn of Africa for Oxfam Novib
  Together with Sibrenne Wagenaar I did the evaluation of the knowledge program of Oxfam by means of interview. Slowly the contours of the program and its effects became clear. In the round up, participants were very happy with the results and the way they had been involved in the process all along:: "the evaluation was done in such a manner that you learn a lot yourself. I also learned new innovative workforms that I will use too in my own practice. Read here about the succesfactors in their knowledge exchange program.  
Webinar about Facebook The information department of KIT asked Holger Nauheimer and me to organise a webinar about the use of Facebook to facilitate a community supporting their portals. We facilitated an interactive session of 2 hours. Even participants who were sceptical about a webinar in the beginning were positive. From the evaluation: "I liked the form, the possibility to connect and e-learning feels good"
Trajectory for ETC partners about networking with social media Together with Sibrenne Wagenaar en Josien Kapma I design and facilitated a special trajectory as cohort consulting for 12 partner organisations in  Cambodja, Bolivia, Tanzania, etc. The consulting was helping them to make use of social media for networking, profiling and knowledge exchange. The trajectory elements were an online training, a face-to-face part and a coachingspart. One of the participants said "this is the highlight of 2010!". More details can be read here in Dutch.

Support to the learning community of facilitators For the Ruud de Moor Centrum of the Open Universiteit I did an advisory trajectory during the startup-fase of their learning network.  Irene Hanraets: 'Your added value is not only that you act like a sounding board and gives me feedback, but you also give very practical tips and advice based on your own experiences, which are different from mine. Your practical knowledge of online tools combined with your experiences with all kind of communities has been very helpful'

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