Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Technology: how to start blogging

Britt Bravo has a great post on how to start blogging. It's basically the process I went through, plus I tried to get some help and feedback from people before I started. And I'm terribly lazy with adding new things like a subscription feature, trackback, tagging, so I still have a lot to do. These things are so horribly time consuming. At some point I started listing the blogs I was reading haphazardly in bloglines (now I have 22). Somehow when you are blogging, it gives you more of an interest (or excuse) to read other blogs systematically, I only started reading these blogs systematically when I started blogging myself. And it's amazing what you pick up, things which are completely different from what you blog about at times. It's very tempting to allow your bloglines to grow, but I think I'd like to stop at around 25, to avoid the feeling of having to 'keep up' with your own bloglines (and creating your own information overload).


Beth Kanter said...


I'm impressed at your ability to set limits. I'm struggling with how to reorganize, discard, and consolidate my bloglines. Right now I have them in folders by topic, roughly, but I don't read all of them everyday.

I'm also finding myself in this fast scanning reading mode that I'm not sure I like.

Any reflections on your reading process?

Beth Kanter said...

PS. You can make your bloglines account public (someplace in the configuration area) and then share your reading list. You can see my shamefully sloppy mess here: