Friday, May 12, 2006

Practical examples: birthday cakes

Actually I just want to show off the birthday cake I made for my daughter's seventh birthday (it's an awful lot of work for 5 minutes before it's eaten), but since I have such a serious title for my blog I'll make a story out of it..
The cake is a nice example of how practices spread- when we came back in the Netherlands, we were at a friend's children's party with a home-made coloured 'moon' cake. So we borrowed the cake books and the coloring stuff for our daughters' birthdays. They choose their own cakes (now it was not a moon or football, but barbie etc.). Since then it has become a tradition (including the borrowing of books and coloring stuff); long before their birthdays they start asking each other which cake they will choose from the book and my sister-in-law has purchased the same books to be able to do the same.

Similarly, at a cousin's party, the girls played a game to determine turns in present giving. The visitors all had their names on a paper inside a balloon. The host then let one balloon burst to see whose turn it was to hand over the present. Since this was such fun, we now do it as well, and it got copied again by several friends at their parties. Let's see if we can spread this across the ocean to Beth's kids.

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Beth Kanter said...

I love it! Now, I have a big confession to make. Like many moms, I attempted to make a homemade cake for my children's birthdays. Harry had a request for cupcakes -- I burned them and had to run to the bakery to pick up some and was so stressed - I forgot to bring matches for the candles. Then, I attempted to make a cake for Sara's birthday. Unfortunately, she is allergic to wheat and glutten. So, I had to make it out of rice flour. Well, the center didn't cook enough -- even after 80 minutes in the oven. It didn't burn, but when I tried to get it out of baking pan - it fell out and crumbled! I had to go to a special organic grocery store and get one made out of rice flour. It was actually a flourless chocolate cake and it was so good - all the kids ate it.

Sara's birthday is coming up next month and she has already asked me where we will purchase the cake!