Friday, July 07, 2006

Technology: web2.0 writeshop

Just wanted to ask my colleague for some photos of the web2.0 writeshop, when I saw it on my RSS feed from the npk4dev tag!

IICD and Euforic organised a writeshop this wednesday and thursday to develop web2.0 training modules which will be shortly available on itrainonline. Since it was my last day in the office before the holidays, I didn't have time to participate (had to do all kind of boring reports and emails :(, . When I saw them working, I really regretted it. I think it was a very productive and creative process!

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Beth Kanter said...

Damn .. wish I was able to participate in something like this. I am doing a brainjams early next month ... more about discussion about the tools with folks who are facilitators or are part of the Dialogue and Deliberation community