Sunday, January 06, 2008

Blogging is like...

painting by webmetricsguru
As a fanatic blogger (about to start my second blog!) I liked this problogger blogpost with a list of people writing about blogging is like.. I discovered it through Tim's blog. Sex wins in terms of frequency :) but not in terms of how it resonates with me. I enjoyed the blogging is like expressionistic art. My blogstyle matches my painting style - fast.

Personally I thing blogging is like Zomergasten - a television programme in which guests shows his/her favorite television or film moments and explains why it touched him/her. Through this pieces you get to know him/her through a different angle as compared to 'regular' interview... A blog is a space where everyone can be a Zomergast, and point out to what he/she thinks is great and explain why. And reading blogs is compelling because you slowly get to know a person at a level that would be hard to even during a personal face-to-face encounter. Sometimes I think a blogs make thinking processes explicit and accessible (though that depends on the type of blogger of course). I think reading blogs is compelling because the style is often conversational but at the same time deep- people write about what keeps them thinking.

I enjoy it when I read blogposts from people with children. I realize that in my friend's network there is much more uniformity in thinking about children's education than in my blognetwork. - so it can expand your horizon-.

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