Monday, February 11, 2008

Vary your style in blogging

There is a Dutch saying 'verandering van spijs doet eten' - change of diet makes hungry. So a bit of variation in blogpost styles may make people read? Via Tim's blog, I found a wiki developed by Michelle Martin with all kind of blogpost styles and examples! A great resource for bloggers.

An example of a style I never tried:
Debate Posts. In a debate post you argue the pros and cons of a particular position, idea or approach. You can do this either with another blogger or you can debate with yourself, writing both a pro and a con post.

Might be useful for starting bloggers, but maybe even more for longer time bloggers like myself who'd like to try and flex with some new styles. Might lead to new results. Anybody wants to debate with me?


josien kapma said...

sounds worth trying! the problem being that we may agree on things? suggestions?

Andy Roberts said...

I'm sure we could find something debateable if we try. Maybe we could even find three opposing views.

macu said...

Mmmm... great idea :-). I've been looking at online debates of late (neither forum conversations nor conventional blog answers) and there's a lot of experimentation pending.

A topic that has come up a lot recently in conversations might be debatable: can a hired outside expert really be a long-time optimal moderator?

Looking forward to reading you, on that or other topics :-).

Best regards,