Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Voki, great tool to use in an online course

I work a lot supporting global networks and online communities of people around the world. I'm always careful with tools that take up a lot of bandwidth (though guilty of using Ning a lot..). Currently I'm also working with a Dutch group of trainers and coaches and now I can use a wider variety of tools and I'm enjoying it.

I am now working with a Voice Thread. Voicethread lets you invite a group to respond to a question, proposition or some pictures via text or voice (audio) or even by a short video through a webcam. Now, I discovered Voki and tested whether it worked in Dutch too and it does!. A tool that allows you to create a character, type text and then have the text read by this character. Click on this character to hear my question of today. Hope you'll like the Australian accent!
I guess you may use it as an online facilitator when you are tired of using your own voice via webcam. You can co-facilitate when you are on your own :).

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Nancy White said...

Actually, that was a little weird/scary! :-)