Wednesday, March 29, 2006

SMS To Email

this is a test to blog by mobile phone from tamale. No more technical bandwith excuses not to blog in ghana... )


Joitske said...

I actually thought it failed, till I saw the message posted as draft post in my blog- so I had to approve it first online :(

hoong said...

well, another thought just came to my mind ... how good will you be typing with your mobile phone? How fast, how many pages are you willing to 'poke' around with your fingers on the 'tiny' keypad?

I heard you can buy a rolled-up keyboard, and if you have usb port you might be eventually able to connect it to your mobile phone??? Perhaps some techie reading this blog can confirmed?


Dorine Ruter said...

Hi Joitske, great to read this small message from Tamale! Have you tried it the other way around as well? Importing RSS via SMS?

Technologies to connect mobile phones to email to content management tools (such as Blogger) have been around for some time. It can make us all exiting to see the opportunities for content uploading and downloading. I sure know I am! Still, I never heard of anyone seriously using this in a developing country other than western development workers experimenting with tools. Does that mean that it's nice in theory but never will be more than a gadget? Have you shown this technology to the people you are working with in Ghana and do they see any need (and do they feel able and comfortable) using it? Or is that too early in the process, seeing as how you gave your web 2.0 workshop only days ago?

nemik said...

If you would like to try the SMS blogging thing I do on my website in Ghana, I'd be happy to show you how to set it up with a local Ghana number since I'm sure international SMS to my Chicago number is quite expensive from there.
All that is needed is an older nokia phone, any old computer (just 100mhz, 32MB RAM, and 2 gigs is enough), and a SIM that can recieve SMS to go into the phone. It runs off of Ubuntu linux (originating from Africa!). It also needs to be connected to the internet always to send the SMS posts to the servers. The whole thing takes some technical knowledge but I would be very happy to help set this up in Africa for people to communicate better. I lived in South Africa myself for a while and have a special place in my heart for Africa. :)