Friday, August 18, 2006

Technology: skype chatnotes

We had a skype teleconference about wikipedia in local Ghanaian languages. I saved the chatnotes, printed them and read them in the train. This is what I got:

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[16/08/2006 15:40:03] henry says: can you here me
[16/08/2006 15:40:10] henry says: can't hear anyone
[16/08/2006 15:41:17] Paa Kwesi Imbeah says: we're starting afresh
[16/08/2006 15:41:26] henry says: ok
[16/08/2006 15:41:32] Ibrahim Inusah says: can also here anyone
[16/08/2006 15:41:49] Paa Kwesi Imbeah says: Joitske is reconnecting everyone
[16/08/2006 15:41:58] henry says: ok
[16/08/2006 15:42:22] Gerard Meijssen says: if everyone is in this chat you can just click on "con\ference"
[16/08/2006 15:43:53] henry says: hello can you hear me
[16/08/2006 15:44:03] Joitske Hulsebosch says: no, I can't hear you
[16/08/2006 15:44:06] henry says: i can here eveyone
[16/08/2006 15:44:12] henry says: i can hear eveyone
[16/08/2006 15:44:20] Joitske Hulsebosch says: where is conference in the chat?
[16/08/2006 15:44:26] Paa Kwesi Imbeah says: at the top
[16/08/2006 15:44:56] Gerard Meijssen says: something does not go well for me ..
[16/08/2006 15:45:08] Gerard Meijssen says: do you have a conversation going ?
[16/08/2006 15:45:14] Joitske Hulsebosch says: yes,
[16/08/2006 15:45:24] Joitske Hulsebosch says: with ibrahim and myself :)
[16/08/2006 15:46:00] henry says: ok
[16/08/2006 15:46:06] henry says: going of line
[16/08/2006 15:46:20] Joitske Hulsebosch says: I'm starting a new conference
[16/08/2006 15:46:46] Gerard Meijssen says: ok
[16/08/2006 15:47:19] Gerard Meijssen says: ??
[16/08/2006 15:47:30] Joitske Hulsebosch says: do you hear us, Gerard
[16/08/2006 15:47:33] Gerard Meijssen says: no
[16/08/2006 15:47:44] Paa Kwesi Imbeah says: i'm starting a conference
[16/08/2006 15:48:22] Joitske Hulsebosch says: we lost henry
[16/08/2006 15:48:30] henry says: i'm here
[16/08/2006 15:48:37] Paa Kwesi Imbeah says: can you hear us?
[16/08/2006 15:48:43] henry says: no
[16/08/2006 15:48:54] henry says: change over to a new machine
[16/08/2006 15:49:41] henry says: how do i enter into the conference call

Just seems that it's an integral part of skype teleconferences to have these kind of intervals. Now that I'm used to it, it's even part of the skype fun to deal with these situations, but when you are new, it might be confusing. By the way, we had more interesting discussions before and after this part, and fortunately skype keeps them automatically, so I could retrieve them afterwards!

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