Friday, September 08, 2006

Knowledge management: interpretations and online car parking)

I received quite some online jokes and I won't bother blogging all of them. I received a joke where you are asked whether you want a salary increase. When you try to click on Yes, it is impossible (the yes moves away) so you can only click on No.

So when I got this online driving test where you have to park a car and had game over! You hit another car! for three subsequent times, I thought it was the same joke structure as with the salary and that it was impossible .... only to discover much later that it was possible and that I am a bad driver after all (online that is :)). But it is a nice example of how what you see and perceive is coloured by your recent experiences. Like the typical seeing pregnant women when you are pregnant.

By the way I have added a sixth stream to my blog: knowledge management in general; as some knowledge related posts are beyond just CoPs.

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