Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This beautiful picture is taken by Pandiyan. In Intermediair, a Dutch magazine, I read about the research of the University of Ohio with 18 different types of lizards. Lizards can hunt using one of the following ways:
(1) they wait quietly till a pray walks by and jump
(2) they walk around to search pray and creep over
The researchers found out that all lizards can run, but only the types of lizards that walk around to search pray can actually walk. The 'waiting' types simply lost their ability to walk in a few generations.

This made me seriously wonder what the human2.0 will loose in a couple of generations, or already during the next generation. Suppose we would all become web2.0 adepts, what are the capabilities and competences that will disappear? Will we completely loose the need for intimacy to discuss personal matters? Will we loose the embarrassment emotion? Loose our sense of hierarchy? We will definitely adjust our eyes to 'computer screen mode' and develop keyboard fingers!

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