Friday, January 25, 2013

10 tools challenge: making youtube playlists

This is my first contribution to the 10 tools challenge. I thought I shouldn't start skipping the first Friday that I had planned for it, though there is always work to do...

Youtube search stories
I immediately knew what I wanted to do: make a youtube search story! This is a video based on strategically chosen search words in Google. This has been very high on my wishlist but I never allowed myself time to make one. I found a nice video explaining how to make it but got frustrated when I couldn't find the 'start your own search story button'. Again by googling I found out via comments on this blogpost that it is no longer possible to create your own search stories. What a pity!

Lesson 1:
There are a lot of cool free tools on the web but there is no garantee that the tools will be available forever..

Youtube playlists
Since I was already into a youtube mood, I thought I'd shift my focus on Youtube playlists. It is very easy to make a playlist on Youtube (explanation here). You simple start a playlist and click on 'adjust playlist' and then 'add video by URL'. This is how you can easily add videos. I created a playlist with humorous videos about social media. Do you have videos to add? Please put the link as a reaction and I will add it to the playlist.

I already posted the link on Twitter and got a few responses like this one about the blackberry helmet with optional safety flag. I furthermore posted it on our facebook page and asked in the social media professionals group on facebook if they have additional suggestions.

Lesson 2
It is extremely easy to create playlists on youtube. The most important thing is to define good topics for playlists.

How will this help me in my work?
I'm going to think about additional subjects and create more playlists

  • It will help me to have a good overview of nice videos to include in presentations and workshops, a personal archive. 
  • It gives you visibility as professional because it is easier and more attractive to share a playlist than to share for instance bookmarks (it is a good Share strategy in the Seek-Sense-Share cycle).
  • It stimulates you to collect a certain type of videos and to ask people for additions.


Robin Heyden said...

Nicely done. I particularly appreciated your inclusion of "lessons learned" and how will I use this new skill. And the videos you selected in your playlist are fabulous! Thanks so much for inspiring me - now I've got to get to work on my write up for the Ten Tools Challenge.

Sibrenne Wagenaar said...

Ha Joitske, thanks for sharing these lessons! Lately I had several occassions in which I was thinking of using a YouTube playlist, but I am wondering whether it is possible to work on a playlist together with another YOuTube user. You can share a playlist, but I can't figure out if the person you share a playlist with, might be able to add a video to that list as well. Like sharing a board in Pinterest. Do you understand what I mean? I have the impression that it is not possible, but hope I'm wrong? Do you know?

Joitske said...

@Robin thank you! Did you find out how to follow all the 10 tool challenge blogposts?

@sibrenne I don't think it is possible to make a playlist together with others.