Friday, January 11, 2013

I will take the 10 tools challenge 2013

In workshops and training sessions about learning through social media I always tell people that you continuously need to invest some time in learning new tools and adjusting your old tools. For instance, experiment with Google plus, or go through your Twitter lists to see who should go out and what type of people are missing. When I say this, I always feel a little guilty because I have a small booklet in which I note down new tools I would like to explore but I never find the time to do so! Though I agree that in facilitating online learning the main focus is on faciliating the process rather than the tool, it helps to know many tools. And some tools may simply be tools to work productively.

When I read about the 10 tools challenge 2013 of Jane Hart I immediately thought I should take this challenge. It will be my 'stick behind the door' (a Dutch expression and I am pretty sure it is not an English expression, but you can imagine it is the stick which keeps the door open and prevents it from closing down..). I already have my list of tools which is really looong but which includes:
  • Idonethis
  • shakespeak
  • thinglinq
  • infographic (make one)
  • Google search videos
Do you have important cool tools I should add to this list?

I will write it down in my agenda and reserve the Fridays for this. Friday is usually a good day for these kind of things. I hope I will get some inspiration from the other bloggers too! When the tool is interesting I will also try and make a handout (in Dutch) to complement all our other En nu Online tool handouts.


Amy said...

Wow, great abbreviated list. Some tools I never heard of and may look into. I agree the challenge includes getting better acquainted with tools you use already. I have chosen Google +. I barely use it currently, but if I find it useful that will change. And as an American your expression makes sense to me!

Unknown said...

Hi Joitske -- Thank you for leaving a comment over on my blog. I notice you're interested in learning about infographics too. My colleague Raye Shilen sent me this from Hubspot as a first step so I thought I'd share it with you.

Unknown said...

Hi Joitske, thanks for the comments over on my blog and I love that you're taking the challenge too. I noticed you're interested in infographics too so here's a link Raye Shilen shared with me to Hubspots pub on using ppt for creating infographics.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, I’m in! I’ve been developing my use of technology in research – how to become a digital researcher. I’ve posted my first couple of posts how to process and organise literature on a tablet. I’ll do my best to find 10 new apps or tools to help in my literature reviewing and research over the coming year. If you have been interested just check out this weblink.

Joitske said...

Thanks Brandon, I will check it out! I must admit I haven't found a good way of keeping upto date with the blogs that participate in the challenge

lynn said...

Amazing ! This is cool!

Joitske said...

@thanks ladonna! I must admit that since it is hard to find the other who are taking the tool challenge that it has fallen off my plate... though I learned to work with Netdraw which is quite a new tool as well ofcourse! said...

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