Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Technology: more media and interaction

I was interviewed by Volkskrant banen as 'spouse' of someone who has worked abroad. (now my husband has spent more time as spouse than I have, but OK, let's face it, I'm the woman :)).

I thought it would just be an article in the paper, and it is, but it also available on the web. There you can click through the separate parts of the interview, like my interview you can react to the full article (title: 'Nice, work abroad, but what to do with your partner') and there is an animation which is funny. The animation highlights that people (read men) used to take the wives abroad, and the wives would decide to have the children there (see picture), whereas nowadays women want their own careers (and I did 15 years ago).

Now that I touched on gender roles; this morning we discovered that we have an overkill of women in our tagging experiment- and noticed that though men dominate in technical ICT things, women seem more predominant in web2.0?? (nothing scientific, could be a coincidence). So if you are male, interesting in tagging knowledge management for development sources, you can apply for participation...


AndyR said...

Hi Joitske,
In english, 'spouse' has always meant the person that somebody is married to, either way. It would be a shame to politicise what is in reality a genuinely gender-neutral term. It isn't neutral with regard to married or unmarried partnerships though.

Joitske said...

Hi Andy, yes, I know, but in expat couples it has the connotation of the person not working or the dependent. (the employee and his/her spouse). In this case they contacted women, as they though women would be the spouses (meaning without contract); yet in my case, it was often the other way around (I had the contract and my husband joined as spouse)