Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vlogging in Ghana

I'm introducing the network GINKS in Ghana into the art of vlogging (not that I'm a specialist but I'm one step ahead of them). It's amazing that a vlog will solve all the problems they had with the management of their website! (uhm, those problems will still not be solved, but the blog is bypassing all the complex constructions and negotiations with the website host and gives them direct control over content management). I've had several requests to share the process and I will later.
As part of the process, I made one video myself during a conference on e-governance organised by CTO. Vikas Nath explains his idea that empowerment of women in governance using ICTS should pass via supporting women to increase their incomes via ICTs.

My question at the beginning is not right question, but apart from that, I think it is a great video because of the background, the vivid colours (it is nice to look at) and the focussed topic (it is only 40 seconds long). At one point, Vikas explains his point quite passionately, that's what I like about it. There was a discussion on gender and ICTs during the conference, and I liked the point Vikas made. The next day, I asked him to explain it again. Since he knew what point I was refering to, it doesn't matter that my question was not the right question. More about the technical options we are working with lateron.

You may ask how many Ghanaians have broadband connection to watch vlogs. I think the use of vlogging in development should go with equipping intermediaries with video ipods too, but to get the process going, we might as well as on the content production side. On the other hand, we should not underestimate how fast this process has changed for professionals in Ghana (a lot of them do have access to broadband connections) so for exchange between professionals this may work (let alone for people in the north who are interested to follow what's happening in Ghana).

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