Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Technology: slide show by Nancy White

After reading a post from Tony Karrer talking about the fact that powerpoint slides without the presentation will not easily make sense to anyone. He confesses he is too impatient to sit through an audio presentation. I can watch vodcasts, but have problems with audio too. My thoughts just wander off. I'll do a test by downloading and listening in the train tomorrow.

Then I found this slide setfrom Nancy White which she shared on her Australian blog. I really liked the visual and condensed presentation. I especially liked slide 7 which talks about the different uses of communication technologies by different age groups, distinguishing it groups by 10 years age difference. Probably because that links very closely with my recent discovery that people of 18 have again a different use from people who are 28. (I assumed they were all the same user type). I was also inspired because I just made a slide presentation, not half as nice as this one. Next time, I'll try and use more pictures too. So slides can make sense I guess, but maybe only if they link very closely with your own line of thoughts or questions and when they are very visual and clear. By the way, Nancy used slideshare a place where you can find millions of slides.


hoong said...

Perhaps this is something interesting for this blog. It is called "Power Point is Evil' by Edward Tufte.

Sorry I am not sure how to make the URL shorter.


Personally I do not think putting mroe pictures would improve PPP. Unless of course the pictures are relevant to that particular page. Sometime when the presentation is long and tedious, perhaps a carton or joke to break the mono-tone.

Joitske said...

Hi Cindy, I agree that more pictures don't improve the understanding, but can make them more attractive. Plus a picture can convey something in a very different way. When saskia sent me the pictures of the last post, I had a different feel of the meeting. Thanks for the link! I agree with the criticism on always bullet points, but you can use ppt as a support to your presentation in different ways too.