Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Culture: Absolutely intercultural

I received an email in Danish from Susan Nyrop and I was able to read it. It had a link to Absolutely Intercultural a new site with weekly podcasts:

"We’ll be releasing a new episode every second Friday evening, looking at all intercultural aspects of human intercultural communication. For example, we’ll be hearing from students on foreign work placements, looking at intercultural aspects of the forthcoming World Cup, asking how teachers can make use of intercultural exercises and simulations in their classroom and sharing with you any intercultural gossip we come across. ‘absolutely intercultural!’ won’t be so much about passing on information but more about starting an intercultural dialogue between the makers, and you, the contributors and listeners."

I listened to the second podcast which was done like a radio show with a gossip column at the end. It talked about two projects- one on how to teach culture in adult education. Stressing the point that you have to experience it. Another project talked about the development of a magazine on the city of Leon. Unfortunately, the interviews don't go very deep into the intercultural experiences, but it is fun to hear all the accents!


karsten kneese said...

Dear Joitske,
thank you very much for mentioning our podcast on your blog. It's amazing to get feedback from all over the world, and we are really looking forward to create a community of people who are interested in and concerned with intercultural topics.
It is really interesting to see how people in Africa are using the new technologies to make their lifes easier and to establish not only businesses but relationships.
Your blog is on my feedburner-list now, and I'm really looking forward to hear more from you.
If you (or any of your readers :) feel like contributing to any of the topics discussed in our 'absolutley intercultural!' podcast please go to www.absolutely-intercultural.com and get in touch with us.
We actually have already thought about a show with a focus on Africa, so we might get back to you. =)
Thank you very much again and please...stay tuned.

Sus Nyrop said...

Dear Joitske,

I put you on our mail list for the Nordiske Stemme newsletter because I thought you might be interested; after all some of the messages though not all of them, are translated into English. And, as you see, the intercultural Podcast caught your attention, and your blogging about it must have pinged somewhere in Karsten's feed system. This is another way of staying in touch, community wise in the periphery but still with a potential awareness...

Just like you can read some Danish, I'm able to get some meaning out of a text inDutch; after allour two small languages do have much in common:-)

Joitske said...

Hi Sus, I actually thought you'd sent it by mistake, but thanks!