Thursday, April 27, 2006

Culture: Nancy Dixon on the transferability of the concept of communities of practice

Thanks to Dorine (encouraging me) and John (helping formulate my question) I had the guts to ask Nancy Dixon the following question: "What are your ideas about the transferability of a Western concept like communities of practice to other cultural settings and situations?"

This time I'm not going to summarize what she said because I think you have to listen to it yourself- it's great and really helps me in my thinking. I will just make you curious by revealing she uses an culturally appropriate example :). So a million thanks to Nancy Dixon for being willing to respond to such a question without any preparation during a hectic week in the Netherlands.

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Dorine Ruter said...

I really love your micro-interviews, Joitske! Now Nancy's reply, your previous post and the input from the discussions at today's PSO workshop have provided me with some nice stuff to think about on my mini-holiday on Ameland! ;)

(Ah, this time's word verification almost spells Ameland! Blogger must agree with me...)

John David Smith said...

Cool interview and a right-on answer!

Doesn't it take a really deep understanding of the concept to transfer the external trappings of a community, though? The way we organize and support a community in different settings varies a lot!

Joitske said...

Hi Susan, that's really nice to hear! There are not that many people who comment on my blog, you're very welcome to do so..