Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Technology: energizing communities in Ghana

In this webcast Mrs. Rosemond Kumah, the coordinator of ISODEC in Tamale, Northern Ghana talks about the way a video attracts people in a community in Ghana and influencing their thinking about girl's migration to the south. I made this webcast because I thought it was an interesting story about the way ICTs can support the work of community workers. Just later I thought it could be nice to blog it as well as an example of the way 'new' technologies can influence communication.

I think technologies in general have the potential to be exiting- and get people enthusiastic. At the same time, it is the art of the facilitator to present it in a way that it is energizing. Access to more ICT facilities can hence widen the range of interventions a facilitator can draw upon.
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Sarah Cummings said...

Hi Joitske
What a great clip! Really enjoyed it. I particularly liked the shy but proud look that the lady gave you at the end. What did you use to take this clip? Did you have a video camera with you or did you use the vidao facility of your digital camera. (Now following your blog via bloglines!)