Thursday, April 20, 2006

Technology: blogging and curiosity

Josien posted a comment on my blog and a link to her blog. She's interested in communities of practice, web2.0 and management of common goods like water (he, I'm an irrigation engineer :)). Reading her blog makes me curious: she is Dutch but lives in Portugal. She has links to other blogs I read too. And she blogs about when does niche finding become group think :
" Recently I read up on intercultural communication and was interested to see a research where it was found that class barriers are often more important than cultural barriers: a higher class Londoner has more in common with a higher class Indian than with a lower class Londoner. Bloggers all over the world have more in common with other bloggers than with their neighbours." That's definitely one of my big questions too.

I just think this is great about serious, topical blogging, it is such an easy way to stay in touch with the thoughts of so many other people (my number of blogs in bloglines has gone up to 54, I really want to bring it down to below 50).

And blogs are a weird way of slowly getting to know a person. Beverly Trayner talked about her schooling in Kenya. Though I know her through CPsquare, if she was not blogging (or if I would not read her blog) I would still think she speaks English pretty well for a Portugese woman.

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josien kapma said...

we seem to have a lot in common!