Sunday, April 16, 2006

Technology: what blogging can contribute to my country

Ore Somolu, a training coordinator from Lagos, Nigeria, and blogger at orenotes wrote a post for the young caucasus women blog mentoring project wrote a post with the title: What blogging can contribute to my country She distinguishes:
* Blogs as a tool for learning
* Blogs as voices of the people
* Blogs depicting reality of life in the country
* Blogging contributes to locally relevant content
* Blogs as forums for social change

She describes how she posted on her blog on this mentoring project and through the comments, got a group together who will start a blog mentoring project for girls in Nigeria.

It's blogs for locally relevant content that has been on my mind. It seems to be easy for people to start using the web with english buttons (some experiences from projects in Ghana), and they could blog in local languages. There seems to be a group of people who can write and read in their own language in Ghana, but not in English (despite the fact that school language is English).

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josien kapma said...

Dear Joitske, as also said on sarah´s blog you2 are among my favourite reads now as I have decided to act!-and-learn on CoPs / web2.0 for dev.
I am a CoP practioner, as participant, moderator and now: initiator of a CoP of dutch dairy farmers in portugal (dairy is what I do as well).
I decided to put all my learning questions on blog and blog my way to their answers, as wel as logging the behaviour of some cops I am part of.
please send me email at josienmkapma at