Friday, April 07, 2006

Technology: using mobile phone sms-services to blog

I tried blogging from Ghana (Accra in the picture) using my Ghanaian Areeba sms service from my mobile phone. It worked (though I had to approve it, but that's a setting I can change in blogger). New is also the GPRS service with which you can have internet connectivity via your mobile phone. (but which is said to be costly).

Dorine Ruter asked:
"Technologies to connect mobile phones to email to content management tools (such as Blogger) have been around for some time. It can make us all exiting to see the opportunities for content uploading and downloading. I sure know I am! Still, I never heard of anyone seriously using this in a developing country other than western development workers experimenting with tools. Does that mean that it's nice in theory but never will be more than a gadget?"

From my observations in Ghana; the sms to email service is seriously marketed, and might be an interesting application indeed, for instance sending information to a mailing list. sms is so common: I sms-ed much more in Ghana than in the Netherlands (I must admit this is due to my 'age group' not being active sms-ers :)). Personally I'd not be a serious blogger by sms: the fun part of blogging for me is seeing your post appear, otherwise it is really like throwing some text in the air... but the most amazing thing is that things change so rapidly. So talented people might if there is a rationale for doing so.

And nemik responded on my blog: Speaking of SMS, I made a small site over my spring break from university that allows people to update/post to their blogs via sms. It works from anywhere in the world too. Check it out letmeparty. Apparently this is an attempt to blog by sms. I'm curious where Nemik lives...


nemik said...

Hello, its Nemik. I live in Chicago but came from Croatia where many of my generation is SMS-crazy. :)

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