Saturday, January 28, 2006

Culture: persistent practices in the Netherlands

On the way to the museum we passed a circus, so we decided to take the kids there instead. Uhm, quite a solid institution the circus! (to say there all acts were extremely cliche). Despite all changes, coming back to the Netherlnads after 10 years out of the country, I observed that there are some practices that, surprisingly, do not seem to have changed in the Netherlands:
* The practice of sending eachother snailmail christmas cards
* The practice of mothers taking their children home from school to have lunch (though now there are some occasional fathers)
* The practice of school pictures: a photographer taking a yearly picture of your child in school. Of course he/she looks so cute that all parents buy them despite all 1860 digital pictures they already possess...

(Any Dutch people reading this who want to add?)

Why does this persist and other practices change?

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