Thursday, January 26, 2006

Technology: trackback

I knew there is something called trackback but never had the courage to dig into it till today. Nynke Kruiderink kindly sent me this trackback explanation which even links to a beginners guide for trackback. Since I slowly start feeling like blogging is going to stay with me, I try to understand it. It is explained:
1) The purpose of TrackBack is to let a site know that you are referencing them on your on site.
2) The TrackBack URL is different than the regular permanent link URL.
3) TrackBacks are fun. You should use them.

Ok, since they are fun: I go ahead. But it appears blogger doesn't have it. So I installed links to this post instead. I hope it is the same thing? I'm not convinced that this is something that works and is useful to me actually. When I pointed to Nancy's video, I could have used links her post.. oh, then she would know how many people have linked.... I think I get it. (this will replace the part where I normally send an email, and though that might be as fast actually it may not be as visible).


Britt Bravo said...

I've done a little research on the blogger trackback issue. This poast from the "How to Blog" blog has some info. about how to do it with HaloScan, but I haven't tried it myself:

If you try it and it works, let me know!

Anonymous said...

I have also run into the problem / annoyance that Blogger doesn't support Trackback. The problem, as fas as I get it, is that the "create a link"-thing only works if you link to another Blogger-site, not if you link to a WordPress-, Typepad-, etc.-site. I hope Blogger will (soon?) install a system that enables trackbacking (backtracking? :-p) to non-Blogger-sites as well.

By the way, check your post about Cross-Cultural Conversations again and you will see that there now is a link to my post.