Sunday, January 08, 2006

Technology: subscribe to my blog by e-mail!!

I actually thought it was already pretty technical of myself to add a 'subscribe to bloglines' button to my blog. Through copying from Britt Bravo, I have now added a subscription button so that you can subscribe by e-mail. I think this widens people's options to be able to follow my blog, not everyone will know bloglines or be happy with a web-based aggregator, especially people with low bandwith access to the web. It was very simple and easy to do (5 minutes or so), compared to times when you are busy for an hour because you overlooked something small. Some of these things look more complicated than they are which can keep me from trying. When it works, it really stimulates to continue!!

I went to the site of feedblitz and the rest is quite self-explanatory (you subscribe and have to copy a html code into your blog's template).

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