Sunday, January 15, 2006

Technology: learning new ways to express yourself

This morning I found these notes on the laptop (saying sweet mama, sweet louka, stupid sil, stupid papa). Since my daughter learned how to write; I sometimes come home to find a note on the door saying 'forbidden to enter'. Or she helps her sister to write a letter for her teacher. It's great to see how it offers her new ways of expressing herself and how she is experimenting with it. Quite similarly I think, to how blogs (or other forms of expression!) can function in communities of practice. If it is taken up as an exiting new means of expression, it can energise a community of practice, if it is seen as an obligation, a weird idea or something which is time-consuming it won't work.

Personally, I cling very much to my painting class (and my blog recently). Even though I rarely show my painting works to anyone, it is a very creative, different way of expressing myself. Just recently I started to see the parallels in the way I paint and the way I work (so guess how my paintings look like :)).

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