Sunday, January 15, 2006

Technology: blogging and audience

In the blogging discussion that I mentioned before, someone talked about obsession with audience and statistics. I think I am a bit obsessed (or thrilled?) by the location statistics you can get from the sitemeter. Amazing how you can follow who visited your blog, from which countries, from which URL (web address) they were referred and how long they stayed on .... 33% from the US, a country I have never been to. (and what is an unknown country? Bush trying to read my blog anonymously?). Though I still blog in the first place to digest what I read and observe, and enjoy the photo and video part, which is more creative, I start to become more conscious of audience. I might review some of the old articles I read on communities of practice as they are still relevant, and would keep my blog on track with its title. Without comments it's hard to know which posts are most appreciated and which direction my blog should take. (the posts I consider my best posts get the least comments).

And.. I discovered my brother-in-law follows my blog so I have to be careful as well what I write about the family :)

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Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

unknown country=one that is outside the strategic interest of those who govern the web??