Friday, January 20, 2006

Technology: Nancy White on blogs and development

Nancy White was interviewed on blogs and development (if you click on her name you'll get to the video). I asked her I could point to it, but never got a reply so I'll just do it!! She points out the fact that blogs can cross boundaries, so it's a voice which can reach out beyond the 'regular' and physical boundaries of a community of practice. (This is at least what I remember about the webcase one week after watching it, if you want to know what she really said you have to check it out :))


Nancy White said...

Oops, sorry. I got behind on my email while I was at a retreat! I think Robin's intent is exactly to spread around these videos and hope others contribute theirs. You should contribute one, Joitske! :-)

Joitske said...

Sure, I actually thought this would not really be a problem. And I did not ask by mail, but through the comments, which does not really work... (like you may not read this comment, so why am I typing this?!

Beth Kanter said...

Nancy's been quite the interview subject ..
check this one out