Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Technology: the difference between generations

Please see this wonderful drawing by my youngest daughter (4-years old). In case you can't see her talent like I do: she drew herself in from of the computer and the black/brown thing on the right is the mouse. She can manage the tweenies on the computer by herself, including closing down etc. I started in University still typing my first report with a typewriter (the advantage was that you did not have to REDO anything because that meant typing the whole report again). And with the first computerised datasets lots of data got lost because the lecturers till had to figure it out. My mother has just started her first computer course and is proud that she can do a game of 'patience'. I think my children will come out with a whole different set of skills, but till then people with hugely different skills and perceptions will have to work and live together.

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