Thursday, February 16, 2006

Culture: feedback on online identity

I got some enormous flowery compliments about my blog today, very stimulating to keep on blogging, but makes me feel shy. It's actually very interesting that people may appear differently online than in person, because you don't see the non-verbal expressions. Nancy White posted an online Johari window, which I filled in for her (I saw only women responded). I prepared my own, but noticed most of the characteristics you can choose from are rather positive (and so might hence be the outcome?). To give me more feedback about the impressions I create online you are kindly requested to fill in Joitske's Johari window by selecting 5 to 6 words you associate with me, or at least the impression created by my blog (1 minute). Warning: it is not anonymous (but you can chose a nickname :)).

The idea of working with the Johari window is to increase the part which is known to self and others by getting feedback. What I always found interesting in working with the window as a framework is that things which people feel are hidden are often 'leaking' through non-verbal expressions. I wonder if there is less 'leakages' online, or are people who are very conversant online also able to see through, even without non-verbal clues?


Nancy White said...

I've been "chewing" on this today and realized I was very unsatisfied with the word choices. Wouldn't it be interesting if someone built a utility that allowed us to "tag" ourselves, then allow others to tag us as well. more open, but use the same intent behind this Johari window we both played with.

BTW, I found it interesting that as of last check, only women had participated in mine. Now I'm off to look at yours!

hoong said...

I took a look at the Johari window, and I have a question. Is one suppose to judge you, Joitske, as a 'virtual person' or 'f2f person'?

I think there is a different between virtual and physical presence.

Joitske said...

Hi Cindy, I think you can judge me the way you know me (all who filled it don't know me f2f by coincidence)