Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Technology: wikis, organisations and efficiency

John Barben posted this excerpt from Business Week on wikis. I thought it's a nice follow-up on our web2.0 discussion in IICD. People questioned the use of some of the web2.0 tools because it is seen at time consuming. Probably in the short run it is (and changing habits is energy-consuming as well). But in the long run it may be about more efficient workprocesses. I'm sure mails and meeting time will go down if people write and read about what's core to share with others, and I think the content of meetings may be more relevant to cater for faster organisational learning. At a small scale we are experimenting with wikis and social bookmarking. Now if I mention that we use pbwiki I get my space doubled (now I'm not sure if I need that but here we go..)

Let's see who reads my blog in IICD...

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