Sunday, February 19, 2006

Technology: social bookmarking with

Kathleen Gilroy has posted a good and easy to follow webcast how to use the social bookmarking service,, for learning. It's a very clear explanation of the basics and stresses the function of social bookmarking as an intermediairy to find your way in the millions of blogs (and other sites) on the web. At the end she talks about the function of technorati to find out how many blogs link to your own blog- and doing this for my blog I found out some interesting links to my own blog (I guess the lack of trackback makes me unaware of some of the links- but I when I tried this haloscan a post disappeared so I'm scared of trying again).

With a small group of people we'll be experimenting with the concept of using a unique tag to produce an RSS feed (when it's up, I'll post the RSS feed on my blog). My own question is around quality versus quantity, it seems so easy to come up with lots of links- so maybe a condition should be that you have read it and find it is of a certain quality. If not- it becomes pumping around of information.

The Slackermanager blog posted the several habits of wildly successful users a great help, with 8 habits:

1. Make many marks
2. Sir Tag-a-lot
3. Use the inbox
4. Mix 'n match
5. Stalk other users
6. Get it to go
7. Move it around
8. Explore more

Here's the recommendation to tag a lot. I haven't tried the inbox and stalking but that sounds like useful tips. I started tagging but still feel like I'm dumping the links into a borehole so I don't consider myself wildly successful (yet).

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