Saturday, February 18, 2006

Technology: the online Johari window -part 3

The Online Johari window is becoming a kind of Die Hard series (don't know why Die Hard comes to my mind as I'm preparing to go and see Bambi 2), but this morning it suddenly struck me that through the small test of the online tool adaptable and sensible are shown in bold. Three people whom I never met face-to-face have come up with adaptable (responsive) for me. The stricking thing is that we did a similar exercise with the team of people with whom I had worked on a daily basis for over a year (all face-to-face) and they came up with accomodating- very similar to adaptable. So that's 1-0 for these people's capacity to 'read' people through disembodied (computer mediated) interactions. - the face-to-face team never called me sensible though :)-

Forgot this: how does the Johari window as a tool link to communities of practice? I've never read much about interventions for communities of practice, wonder about experiences in using these kind of exercises to improve collaboration in CoPs?

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