Thursday, February 02, 2006

Technology: blogging game 4x4

I was tagged by Beverly Trayner for a 4x4 game. (My association with 4x4 is a four-wheel drive but this is about answering 4x6 questions). Usually I'm not really a fan of chain-letters (kettingbrieven), but when I clicked on the tagged by.. tagged by.. tagged by.. tagged by..I got to the source and I liked the way you can trace the chain. It wasn't really explained that being tagged means that you have to answer all the questions, but that's what everyone did, so I will answer the same questions (I noticed some questions changed along the line):

4 jobs I had:
- Secretary at the gender department in Wageningen (fired after 1 day)
- Researcher on 'vasijas de ardecilla' for El canelo de Nos in Chile
- Organisational advisor for CRDA, an NGO umbrella in Ethiopia, based in the containers before they moved to the new building
- Knowledge sharing program officer at IICD (started in November recently, but so far a great job)
(I this way I skipped the Johnson and Johnson factory where I had to count the number of hygienic pads in each package and which did not really contribute to my career :))

4 places I lived:
I my case that's almost the same question as the first, during a job interview someone said my CV looks like a countries CV:
- Heteren (lived in the 'woonwagen', a house on wheels, road flooded by the river in winter, so that we had to go to the main road by boat, no gas connection, was where my ear got frozen)
- San Bernardo, Chile
- Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
- Takoradi, Ghana
(you see, my toughest environment by far was in the Netherlands)

4 places I've liked (amongst many more):
- Djenne in Mali (gets more beautiful when you arrive by bicycle from Macina with the Harmatan winds blowing in the opposite direction)
- Gem Rae in Kenya
- Lalibela in Ethiopia
- Bolgatanga in Ghana
(Beverly mentioned the Seychelles- the Seychelles couldn't make it to this list because I still get nausea when I see the pictures- was there when I was pregnant)

4 sites I visit daily (well, not really daily, but more often than other sites):
- my bloglines (I have gone beyond my 25 deadline to 36 feeds)
- CPsquare (like Beverly, when there are online discussions)
- IICD's Intranet (my blogs was announced there, so I can't gossip about colleagues anymore)
- Dgroups (my Dgroups have grown to the number of 7)

4 favorite movies:
- Lars von Trier's movies
- Festen
- The mysterie of the sardines
- Pluk van de Petteflet

4 people I tag (which means I invite them to answer the same questions, trying to reach some other continents):
Beth Kanter (my blog inspiration, hope she has not done the 4x4 already 5 times)
Guido Sohne (as punishment)
Sarah Cummings (because we just discovered eachother's blogs)
Nick Noakes (to try and invade Asia with 4x4 from Hongkong)


Beth Kanter said...

okay ... did it ..

Guido Sohne said...

I'll do it. Didn't get this until now. Punishment for what ?!!!??!!!