Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Technology: Snow White and the seven competences of online interaction

Last year I did Nancy White's online course on facilitating online interaction, which also touched upon the competences of online facilitators. She did a presentation of which an audio file is available here. I listened to the file and came away with the conclusion that she distributed chocolates and there was a loud applause at the end (don't know if the two events were related :)). Then I found a remix (audio with slides and photos) by Nick Noakes but downloading was going to take one hour, so I didn't. Then finally I found the slides

The seven competences are:
1. Self-awareness
2. Online communcations
3. Learning with others (skills like reciprocate)
4. Facilitation for relationship, identity, presence and flow
5. Intercultural antennae
6. Tolerance for ambiguity
7. Ability to switch context

In terms of self-awareness, I know audio alone apparently doesn't work for me, but I persevere in getting what I want to know (and working through the slides to find out the seven works better than having the full list reading at hand). I have a dislike for telephone conversations too. Knowing my dislike, sometimes I force myself into chosing a phone conversation over a mail or whatever, but I know I don't do this often enough. But by practicing online communication, I slowly get a better feel for what might work and what not. And the tolerance for ambiguity is much stronger needed skill online than face-to-face, because often reactions and feedback are delayed of even invisible/absent.

It's so great that all this is available on the web; if you are focussed you can get a lot of infomation matching your interests online!!

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