Friday, February 17, 2006

Technology: use of the Johari window

Nancy White thought about the Johari window online tool (and so did I). She said:" Wouldn't it be interesting if someone built a utility that allowed us to "tag" ourselves, then allow others to tag us as well. more open, but use the same intent behind this Johari window we both played with."

I don't know how that would work: tagging with what kind of labels, similar labels as used in this tabel? How open and honest would that be? And is that not literally 'labelling' people rather than giving critical feedback that will help people? And how does it sit with invited feedback versus uninvited?

Looking at our tests with this online Johari window, I don't think it is very subtle in giving feedback, as we all seem to end up with a long list of positive attributes. The only surprise for me was the label 'extrovert' as I'm more usually more halfway between intro- and extrovert. I recognise that I may be more extrovert online.

A nice way of using the online Johari window though, maybe to prepare for a face-to-face event. People can be invited to prepare a window, send it to their teammates, and compile the results. This would be more of a light introduction to some conversations on how you are and how people perceive you (and find out how this stimulates/inhibits collaboration in the team). Just great that there are so many nice training aids (like learning styles test, etc.) online, just thinking if I can blend it into my next face-to-face event!


Nancy White said...

Nodding in agreement both about the list of nice things (nice, but not as informative as I'd like) and about the use of such tools as a pre-F2F relationship starter.

By the tagging thing, I was hoping for words that revealed more. Things related to domain to show what we think a person is interested in, knowledgable in, etc. Things like chocolate, which certainly have a defining role in my life! GRIN>!

Dorine Ruter said...

1.) I tried to fill out your Johari window as well, but the thing kept saying 'Please select no more than six words', no matter what.
Since I thought about the description already, I will just write the words here, out in the open (oei!!). The impression I have from you is that you are: bold and spontaneous in the way you try new things, ask questions, join groups of people and their activities. Your blog tells me you are searching, observant and reflective. Searching not necessarily for an end goal, but maybe also just because you like exploring.

2.) About the positive outcome: I think our negative characteristics all find their origin in a positive one that just got out of control (or maybe a diamond in the rough). Being extremely spontaneous, for instance, can mean you forget to think before you talk. (In your case, I think your gift for reflection prevents that from happening! ;))

3.) Will you be putting these training aids you mention in your online bookmarks? I am getting curious!

4.) How's this for getting personal online!! ;)

Jdunn36 said...

Was wondering where I might find the actual on-line tool. We use the Johari window in an assessment that we do in training sessions, but would love to be able to allow it to be done online.

~ Jeff Dunn

Vern said...

I have found an online Johari and I have a problem withthe initial screen. It only allows me to select 6 attributes, which start in the hidden corner. As others view and add their thoughts my selected attributes move to the open window if they select the same ones. I feel I should be able to start with as many as I feel fit me and then what is left after others have made their comments is a truer reflection of my hidden attributes.

So I am wondering if you had the same problem or just gave up on an on-line Johari